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You probably hit this site as a result of one of my seminars or presentations that I was giving or someone just told you to GOTOHAL!

Now that you’re here, A little about myself.

For over 20 years I have been involved with Real Estate, Tax Law, software solutions for tax code and loan servicing for seller financed loans. I am a 1031 specialist, a pension specialist in regards to self-directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s, a seasoned real estate investor, educator, mentor, the founder of Waterford Financial Group, LLC, and NoteServe loan servicing software.

I provide various classes and presentations on tax strategies, Self Directed IRA’s and 401(k)s, note buying, investing in hard money loans, Seller financing options, Sell more real estate using different tax codes or financing techniques, Tenant in common strategies and various other presentations that educate my clients of achieving their financial goals. My seminars, webinars and presentations has been given to accountants, tax preparers, tax attorneys, real estate investors, brokers, agents, investment clubs and various other groups that want to understand how to accumulate wealth using various tax strategies and financing options.

Self Directed IRA and 401 K - Take Checkbook Control of your IRA

Did your broker sell you on the idea of using your IRA to purchase stocks for which HE earned a commission? If you're one of those millions of Americans who has been told that you have to invest your hard-earned IRA dollars in stocks, then quite frankly, the commissions your broker has earned from selling you may very well buy him a new Mercedes - while your IRA dollars barely grow. But don't get mad - get educated. Let Waterford Financial Group teach you about The The TRUE IRA! Learn More

Setting The Standard For Seller-Financed Loan Servicing

2% of the overall mortgage market is a seller-carry back note, in fact the first note ever written was a seller-financed note. There are literally hundreds of thousands of privately funded notes (i.e. hard money, seller-carry) that are not being professionally serviced. Let us teach you how we can better service your note. Learn More

Investment Options

www.santeproperties.com Stable investments in Health Care Facilities


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Hal Beswick
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Phone: 916-718-1898

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